Demystify. Amplify. Sexify. is where the Who’s Who in Social Innovation declare their intent to change the world. In one featured story each weekday, we celebrate original thinkers, creative problem-solvers, and inspiring leaders who care about creating lasting social value. These are the mavericks who see that each of us has an opportunity to alter the course of history, and then take dramatic steps to do just that. They work without fear towards what others have deemed impossible, they create ventures driven equally by curiosity and by generosity, and are proving that the future will be shaped by what we imagine it can be.

We call them Social Innovation Rockstars (SIRs) because we find them energizing, exciting, and frankly, downright sexy.

As unique as they may be, SIRs are just ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Their power lies in their relentless determination to make things better, fairer, and more meaningful. We see no reason why they cannot change the world. Through this lens, we discover what makes them tick, learn about their passion, and tease out common threads amongst their varied stories. We believe that by spreading their message, we can amplify their impact and ignite others to follow their lead.

So tell us — are you bold enough to be a Social Innovation Rockstar?

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