Nominate a SIR.

Social Innovation Rockstars are original thinkers, creative problem-solvers, and fearless leaders who care about creating lasting social value. They are charismatic leaders who drive innovation to meet greater purpose and create social good. Know of someone that we should feature on (Or are you that someone?) Here are a few things to think about before sending us a nomination.

1. Social Impact

While we're big fans of entrepreneurship and invention, our work focuses on amplifying the impact of social change agents. For instance, Chid Liberty has created a fair-trade apparel factory that changes what the future holds for the hundreds of Liberian women that are the shareholders in this venture. As he scales his business, we can measure both the lives and the markets he transforms.

2. Innovative Approach

Innovation, of course, can take many forms — technological, organizational, educational. Sometimes this can even take the form of returning to an old way of doing something but with a new twist. We want to say, ‘Wow! this is a unique and transformational way of tackling this issue.’

3. Rockstar Inspiration

We don’t mean that they’re famous already — that’s something we’re going to help with. Think of rockstars in the traditional sense: Jimi Hendrix, Tina Turner, David Bowie. They have uncommon talent, charisma, and ambition, and the natural ability to inspire a generation. Social Innovation Rockstars are no different.

Final Thoughts… is about individuals who are working to change the world, not necessarily about the businesses or organizations they may lead. Be sure you are nominating a person or partnership who is doing inspiring work.

The term "social" is tossed around a lot, and can be misleading. While there are many ways social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter or FourSquare) can bring people together to help activate change, we would be more interested in hearing of projects that specifically use new channels to address some cultural or communal issue.

We appreciate how essential the seed or idea stage of a venture is, but we prefer to focus on individuals who have got their hands dirty already, or have been seasoned by the first few years of their venture.

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