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Becky Straw and Jody Landers

Jody Landers and Becky Straw want you to join their Tribe. They believe that en masse, with guidance from their Adventure Project, people can funnel their resources to the most promising social enterprises and end extreme global poverty.


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Becky Straw & Jody Landers
“When we adopted our two youngest children from West Africa we made a commitment to labor toward a world where the adoption of orphans is not necessary.”

​When Adventure Project co-founders Becky Straw and Jody Landers met while traveling in Liberia, it was clear that they had a winning combination to launch a revolutionary anti-poverty organization.  Becky comes with an advanced degree in development and a track record of non-profit success. “I was the third employee at charity: water,” she says, “and spent a lot of my time learning how to internally build an organization and systems.” Jody’s development experience is drawn from family-building: “when we adopted our two youngest children from West Africa we made a commitment to labor toward a world where the adoption of orphans is not necessary. Our investments at The Adventure Project are aimed at keeping families together with the chance to lift their own families out of poverty.” Becky's banking on this blend of personal experience and professional accomplishment as the key ingredients to success. While she spent years sharpening her development chops in the conference room and in the field, Jody, as a monther of six,"has an amazing way of connecting people to projects and inspiring people to get involved.”

Every quarter year, the duo select a new humanitarian issue affecting global poverty, then ask funders to invest in the innovative, low-cost solutions they’ve identified as most effective. Donations are used to train and employ micro-entrepreneurs, who then implement life-changing improvements within their communities. Each social enterprise provides its own unique solution to alleviating a particular aspect of extreme poverty, creating jobs and stimulating local economies.

Through The Adventure Project’s website, funders can take part in life changing projects. In the Indian district of Jehanabad, 1/3 of all water wells were broken, and there were almost no tools or skilled workers to fix them. Donor funds were used to train 12 mechanics, who, in less than a year, established two successful handpump businesses. Both are operational and earning a profit, with no additional investment required. Over 12,000 new people already have access to clean water, with many more to come. It’s successes like these which Jody and Becky hope will spur millions of others to join The Tribe. En masse, they believe we can end world poverty.