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Cynthia Hellen

Cynthia Hellen is a social entrepreneur by trade and by nature. She has her hand in quite a few projects and movements around environmental and social change, but is perhaps most well-known for founding Girls Who Rock, a social fundraising concert to raise awareness and funds for girls’ education in the developing world.

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Cynthia Hellen
“It’s a challenge believing in something even though others can’t see it yet.”

​Cynthia Hellen is a born entrepreneur, and even as a high-school student she owned and operated a local Spanish eatery. She describes herself as “passionately curious,” and motivated by her potential to make a tremendous impact on the world. "Ever since I can remember I have been guided by that," she says. With a background in journalism, design, and television, she has explored numerous avenues for change, and launched several programs and organizations along the way.

Socentech is her micro-blog which brings together inspired individuals to discuss and explore the intersection of social entrepreneurship and technology. SimpliCT Lab plays with technology in exciting new ways to influence social and environmental impact.

In 2010, Cynthia founded Girls Who Rock in partnership with She’s the First, an organization whose mission is to help girls in the developing world become the first in their families to graduate. During New York’s annual Internet Week, Girls Who Rock presents a benefit concert showcasing popular musical talent to raise money for a chosen beneficiary in collaboration with She’s the First. Over the past three years, Girls Who Rock has raised upwards of $30,000 for three different education-baed organizations: Shanti Bavan, Arlington Academy of Hope, and AfricAid.

That doesn't mean it's not a challenge. “I would be lying if I said I don’t feel like giving up every day,” says Cynthia. “It’s a challenge believing in something even though others can’t see it yet or have doubts. I suppose that’s the definition of being an entrepreneur: having doubts, but still being willing to go after an idea and risk everything for it.”