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Fabian Pfortmüller

In the world Fabian Pfortmüller inhabits, CEOs are young twenty-something upstarts brimming with imagination and drive. Sandbox puts in place the community and resources to help them flourish.

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Fabian Pfortmüller
“From the very beginning we wanted to consciously expand in all dimensions — meaning social entrepreneurs, designers, artists, young politicians – people who like building things and running things.”

Fabian Pfortmüller remembers high school as a place of very interesting politics and “a catalyzing moment for a lot of young people. They have absolutely no idea what they want to do with their energy, but they just feel that they have something inside of them.” Fabian can relate. He too, carried a “burning passion to do something.” However, that something “was not school.”

Fabian recalls many impassioned conversations with his schoolmates, several of whom he later banded with to found Sandbox. Sandbox serves as an accelerator for impact-driven under-30 achievers, putting them on the fast track to greatness by connecting them with meaningful opportunities and an impressive roster of advisors that includes officers of TED Europe, Bloomberg Media and IBM Europe.

Nurturing these relationships over the long term is a critical part of Fabian’s vision. He posits that when people “want to do something, want to have impact in the world, want to build something… they’re not just going to stop.” If these young ambitious visionaries are doing this at 21, one can only imagine what they’ll be doing in 30 or 40 years. Just look at Holstee, another project Fabian co-founded, and you can see the impact this kind of ambition can produce.

Sandbox’s membership is now approaching 700 in cities across the globe, yet Fabian strives to retain the aspects of a “local” network. He says, “What we’re aspiring to be right now is a micro-global community, so we are global but in very small pockets around the world.” In nurturing these tight-knit communities, Fabian anticipates the ensuing collaborations to be, at the very least interesting, and at the most, a powerful exchange of ideas.