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Heather Hiles

Heather Hiles has devoted her life to helping people achieve clarity of purpose and giving them the tools to reach their goals. Pathbrite was created as a platform for putting a full range of life experiences toward professional outcomes.

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Heather Hiles
“We aspire to help people make better decisions about the paths their lives take. I suppose you could say my work is done at the point at which every person on the planet has clarity as to their purpose.”

“Our ultimate mission is to help learners of all ages to know themselves better,” an understanding that Heather Hiles says will “help people make better decisions about the paths their lives take.” With Pathbrite (originally called Rrripple), Heather created a robust technology for just that; by documenting, analyzing and mapping individual achievement, Pathbrite allows students to make use of a “Knowledge Graph” of their experiences as compared to their peers’.

Students’ profile-like portfolios can be published as applications to schools and employers, allowing the latter to more deeply understand candidates before meeting them personally. This also allows institutions to gain insight into learning outcomes and employers to track the achievement and personality factors that make for great professional matches. Along the way, students get pathway recommendations, allowing them to compare to other students and learn how to best stand out.

As the former Commissioner of the San Francisco Unified School District, Heather saw universities using e-portfolios for decades, leading to longitudinal studies with a potential to maximize student outcomes — but they were lacking a product that would allow thorough usability and engagement. Pathbrite enables students to utilize otherwise disparate experiences that contribute to professional success. Heather explains “Pathbrite reflects my passion for closing achievement gaps and matching a person’s abilities to available opportunities.”

“I feel pretty strongly that my best abilities are expressed as an entrepreneur and team leader,” Heather reflected recently. “While I have a background in education and as a community leader, which definitely informed my business choices as we founded Pathbrite, I’ve always excelled at assembling the right people into a cohesive team and leading them to achieve important outcomes.” Essential qualities, given the obstacles: “Whether signing a new partnership agreement or nailing a financing round, the endless back-and-forth with various attorneys can be daunting and very time-consuming. It’s a seemingly small thing, but lawyers can be found at nearly every stage of a company’s growth and they add a lot of complexity to even the simplest relationships.”